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“When a family loses a loved one, it is a tragic and challenging time. Bobby Reed has been an exemplary professional during those trying times to take care of my family members. His care for the family while going through stressful times, and his expertise in preparing the deceased for their final resting place, is second to none. Bobby has accommodated our family through many losses including my grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends. His gentleness and kindness during any capacity of service is a model of what a funeral director and mortician should exemplify. During funeral preparation and officiating, his dedication has exceeded all expectations. He will "go the extra mile" to make sure the family is pleased with all aspects of the funeral. In one incident of loss, my daughter's best friend who was 15-years-old died huffing and needless to say, it was so tragic. In love and care, Bobby accommodated the family in a manner that exceeded what a typical funeral director would do. Even though Bobby moved away from Paducah, Kentucky, our family continues to call him when tragedy strikes and he will do whatever is necessary to extend his services. I personally couldn't imagine anyone else taking care of my family and friends. I highly recommend Bobby, and whoever employs him is receiving an asset that will enhance their reputation and business.” 

– Lisa Davison (for Bobby Reed)

“It is with great pleasure that we recommend Mr. Bobby Reed, and his business. He has taken care of our family at our time of need for over 30 years from grandparents, uncles and aunts to dear friends and of course the service of our late mother and who was also was the mother of the Queen of Comedy and the first lady of stage, Lily Tomlin. He took care of our mother's services, Mrs. Lillie Mae Tomlin, in 2005. Her service was very much like a head of state service. He coordinated things on the Nashville, Tennessee, end and as well as the Paducah, Kentucky end. We had state trooper escorts with motorcade from Tennessee to the Kentucky line and then Kentucky troopers took over with a procession that consisted of a hearse and six limos. When we reached the church, Bobby managed press at bay, so that our family's privacy could be honored. It was a great service and there were 500 family members and friends in attendance at this private service, including the mayor, city commissioners and many notable people. Bobby also played the piano/organ that day at my mother's service; accompanying the Queen of gospel music, Miss Dottie Rambo, who was kind enough to sing two songs at her service. Later, Bobby was instrumental in moving our mother and father from Paducah back to the family mausoleum we established here in Nashville. It is my opinion that Mr. Reed is not just a funeral director or mortician, even though it's been stated that he's the best embalmer in four states, especially when it comes to his reconstructive ability. But more than anything, Bobby is the last of a dying breed. "He is indeed an Old Fashioned Undertaker, who will hold your hand from the time you call him until you can stand alone again." Again, it is with great pleasure that the Tomlin family endorse Mr. Bobby Reed for anything that he chooses to do. He will indeed be an asset to any business that he is affiliated with.” 

– Tennessee Michael, Richard Tomlin and the Lily Tomlin Family (for Bobby Reed)

“This note comes from a grateful family for the thoughtfulness and kindness extended to us by a person who was then a complete stranger. It was September, 2012, and our precious 37 year old son, David lay dying in a hospital in Memphis. I, his mother, was told that after a series of massive strokes, he could not survive. My husband, Bob was in California at the time and searched for a contact here in Tennessee. He was understandably distraught at the time and when he received Coco Montgomery's telephone number, he called her immediately, not realizing that it was the middle of the night here in Tennessee. Coco was so kind to him and assured him that she would take care of us. When I called her, she gave me the same assurance and put the details in order to help us when David was gone in all but spirit. Coco told me not to worry about a thing; she would take care of everything. She was wonderful and comforting in my time of need. She was true to her word, and when the time came, the arrangements were seamless thanks to Coco, and I was so grateful that I did not have to face this agonizing journey alone. Our blessed day was the day Coco Montgomery came into our lives. She arranged for David's journey in the most compassionate and understanding way. It was his wish to have his ashes scattered near his favorite place in the world--Catalina Island, California, and Coco arranged all of that. We were able to grieve our loss in the most dignified and peaceful way thanks to Coco's sensitivity to our needs. We will never forget Coco's compassion and beautiful spirit in the face of a difficult and painful loss. With love and appreciation for Coco, who is a true angel in our lives and hearts.” 

– Marian Reinman (for Coco Montgomery)

“While my wife and I were on vacation in Florida my aunt Helen passed away back in Pennsylvania. Since Helen was from Columbia TN we were faced with dealing with two funeral directors in two states. Being away from home made the arrangements even more challenging. Mr. Bobby Reed and his staff turned what felt like was an overwhelming situation, into something very manageable. Mr. Reed did all coordination with the Pennsylvania funeral director and handled all aspects of aunt Helen's needs, including air transportation to Tennessee. He also made all arrangements with the church for the funeral and internment. My wife and I were able to travel up from Florida and arrive in Columbia with everything very well taken care of and arranged. Mr. Reed communicated with me daily, keeping me updated on what was being done and allowing me to rest assured that everything was not only done, but very well done. I am very grateful for the care and service we received from this wonderful team.”

  – John F. Osborn (for Bobby Reed)

“Coco Montgomery was the funeral director when my long time boyfriend was dying of cancer. I contacted her a month before he died. She was comforting and supportive while he was dying. After he passed, she handled everything with love and care. But it didn't stop there, she stayed close to me. Sometimes we talked and I cried but more often I just told stories of happy loving days with my boyfriend. I will always be grateful to her and she will always be close to my heart. Thank you Coco.” 

– Barbara Futter (for Coco Montgomery)

"I was referred to Janet “Coco” Montgomery by one of the hospice nurses who had been attending my father when he passed in the Spring of 2013. My first conversation with Coco was at 3am. She was so attentive and caring even at that hour of the morning. She set things in order right away to take care of my family’s needs. She was compassionate and efficient. We ran into some unusual circumstances due to cause of my father’s passing and Coco was prepared for every obstacle that came across our path. Coco is a professional and loving person. She understands the emotional needs of the surviving family, and devotes herself to caring for them, while giving excellent attention to the services for the departed family member. I would recommend her services to any family who loses a beloved family member. "

-Janie Levin (for Coco Montgomery)
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