The Benefits of a Pre-Arranged Funeral or Cremation Plan

Each year, millions of families are forced by the death of a relative to make one of their largest single purchases. This is usually done under severe handicaps of time pressures, emotional distress and a lack of information or experience. Because of this, more and more people are pre-arranging their memorial services. 
Why do people pre-arrange a funeral or cremation service for themselves or a family member?

There are many good reasons why people pre-arrange. There may be no one capable of making responsible decisions at such a difficult time. In addition, some people have definite preferences concerning their funeral service, and they want their families to be informed and involved in these decisions. Most people pre-arrange in a sincere desire to be helpful and to ease the anxieties of their survivors. Pre-arrangement protects your survivors from having to make important decisions at a difficult and confusing time.

It’s your life. It’s your story to tell. 

When you’ve fully stated your wishes to your family and friends, a huge burden will have been lifted from the ones you love. Your pre-arranged funeral will have an emotional and financial side. Proper planning can help ease problems that arise from both. Consider the following as you formulate your decision. 
  • Pre-Planning – Making funeral or cremation pre-arrangements without payment (does not guarantee the price of services and/or merchandise selection).
  • Pre-Funding – Making funeral or cremation pre-arrangements with payment (guarantees the price of services and/or merchandise selection).  

Benefits of Having a Pre-Planned and Funded Funeral or Cremation

  • Removes decision-making requirements from your loved ones by revealing your personal choices well in advance.
  • Ensures services and merchandise you choose now will be guaranteed for the same price, no matter what the cost in the future.
  • Earned growth in the plan adds to the final benefit paid, with excess refunded to your beneficiaries where applicable.
  • Flexible payment plans available to meet your needs.
  • Transferable plan if you move out of the area. When transferred, the receiving mortuary or funeral determines status of the price guarantee. 
  • Preserves the option to obtain government assistance in the future, by making the plan irrevocable.
  • Provides you with risk protection during the payment period; the funds are placed in an insurance policy or annuity. The safety of these accounts is governed and protected by a regulatory board or agency.  

The Advantages of Advance Planning

One of the most important and valuable services that Alternative Cremation & Funeral Service offers is advance planning. This gives our clients the ability to make your funeral or cremation arrangements now, before the need arises. There are many important advantages to consider when deciding to plan in advance, including: 
  • Makes your wishes known – Clarifying your preference for funeral or cremation guarantees your wishes will be honored.
  • Spares your family – Your loved ones will not be subjected to unnecessary decision making or expenses during a stressful time. We handle all the details for you, and them.
  • Offers an economically sound solution – You avoid inflation and all future price increases. Your price is guaranteed and funds are safely held in a trust. We have flexible payment options available for you.
  • Gives you peace of mind – It’s all handled. Those you love aren’t burdened and your wishes are known and documented. You can rest easy!  
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