Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Cremation or Funeral Services

Q. Where should we hold a Christian funeral?
A. Consider having your service at the church as many of our major “Christian life” events are celebrated in the church. Why not your funeral? We are dedicated in the church, receive our Christian education in the church (Sunday school), commit our lives at the altar and are baptized and married in the church. Therefore, we recommend a Christian’s funeral be held in a church.
Q. Why does Alternative Cremation & Funeral Service cost so much less than a traditional funeral home?
A. Alternative Cremation & Funeral Service does not have the large building or combination building/cemetery to maintain. We do not have stockholders to pay, and we offer affordable packages without unnecessary items your family does not need or want. 
Q. Must I pre-pay when making funeral service pre-arrangements? 
A. No, it is not necessary to pre-pay when making arrangements. However, your prices are only guaranteed if you pre-fund by setting up a payment plan or paying with a single payment. We have several options for payment plans available. 
  • Pre-Planning – Making funeral or cremation pre-arrangements without payment (does not guarantee the price of services and/or merchandise selection).   
  • Pre-Funding – Making funeral or cremation pre-arrangements with payment (guarantees the price of services and/or merchandise selection).  
Q. If I do pre-pay or pre-fund my arrangements, how is that money protected?
A. The funds must be placed in a bank trust account, annuity or insurance policy. A regulatory board or agency accounts for the safety of these funds.  
Q. Can I come to your establishment if I have already made pre-arrangements with another funeral home?
A. If you have already made arrangements with another funeral service, you may change by just giving us a call. We will honor your arrangements, and many times, your family will receive money back at the time of your death. 
Q. Does the state require that I must be embalmed?
A. No, it is not a state requirement but the funeral establishment may require embalming for an open-casket viewing. 
Q. Is a vault or grave liner required by law?
A. No, only if they cemetery requires one. 
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